Take action

With a proud legacy tracing back to the New Deal, rural electric cooperatives (co-ops) are meant to be truly democratic institutions where customers have a meaningful voice in co-op governance. Unlike investor-owned utilities, co-ops allow their customers—or member-owners—to participate in policy and business decisions affecting their electric rates and quality of service. Unfortunately, our co-op—Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC)—has instituted a number of undemocratic practices that block informed member participation. As a result, REC’s Board of Directors and management are making important financial and policy decisions without adequate oversight and input from properly informed co-op members.

If you, as an REC member, believe that you should have a greater voice in our co-op, please join us. It’s time to reform REC to put members back in control of important decisions about board membership, electric rates, service reliability, and where our energy comes from. Join us today to make your voice heard!