Stop the unfair SVEC fee increase!

December 2021 Update: thank you to hundreds of folks who took action including dozens who spoke out at the October hearing to stop the SVEC fee increase. The Hearing Examiner released their recommendation in December 2021 that the SCC approve SVEC’s request. We hope that the SCC commissioners will listen to the overwhelming public opposition and not recommend the fee increase. We expect a decision from the SCC in January.

Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC) wants to increase the fixed charge on their member owners’ electric bills — from $25 to $30 / month. This comes on top of a $12 increase, which is a 230% increase in two years! SVEC member owners already pay one of the highest fixed charges at any utility in Virginia! This rate increase will hurt people who face burdensome electric bills every month as well as those who invest in efficiency upgrades or rooftop solar, or who just use less electricity. 

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Take Action 

  • The most effective thing you can do is to give testimony online at the virtual SCC hearing on the case at 10:00 AM October 6th. The hearing will allow virtual/telephone testimony options. The SCC needs to hear how this proposed rate hike will affect YOU.
  • You can also file a written comment with the SCC before the September 29th deadline telling the SCC to deny this unfair increase. Urge it to order SVEC to propose fair rates that don’t discriminate against low- and middle-income members!
  • For info on how to take advantage of this public comment opportunity, write to us at for details. We can help you make your voice heard by utility regulators in Richmond!
  • Already planning to write a comment or give oral testimony? Let us know at  
  • By speaking out, you join a growing coalition of Virginia electric cooperative member-owners demanding affordable electric rates and pro-consumer policies at the electric cooperatives that provide essential services to rural Virginians.  Learn more at  

Hurry. The SCC hearing is October 6, 2021.