Repower REC covered by Virginia Mercury

Last week, the Virginia Mercury reported on the petition filed by Repower REC members Brigadier General John Levasseur (US Army, retired), Dr. Michael Murphy (a retired educator), and Seth Heald (a retired lawyer).

Members of Rappahannock Electric Cooperative, Virginia’s largest co-op, have filed a petition with the State Corporation Commission in an effort to force a vote on more transparency at the organization, which provides electricity to more than 160,000 member owners in parts of 22 Virginia counties.

Behind the petition —which seeks an injunction from regulators at the commission that would force the cooperative’s board to put a series of proposed by-law changes to the membership for a vote — are founding members of the Repower REC group, which describes itself as a “grassroots coalition of concerned REC members” working with Solar United Neighbors of Virginia, a nonprofit that pushes for more solar options.

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