REC members are again left in the dark

Last week we mentioned we’d try to get in touch with the three candidates for the REC board seat for Region 8. We’re reporting back today on our efforts, to let you know what we were able to find out. 

In Region 8 the incumbent board member is William C. Frazier, who’s been on REC’s board for 37 years. We emailed Mr. Frazier and asked him to provide his thoughts on the transparency and democracy issues that the Repower REC campaign has raised, as well as any other thoughts he had on issues facing our cooperative. He did not respond.

We also emailed the other two candidates, Eric T. Paulson and Douglas Y. Webb, and asked them for their views. Neither candidate responded to our email.

Unfortunately, we and all other REC members wishing to make an informed vote are left with nothing more than the short biographical sketches for each candidate contained in the July issue of Cooperative Living magazine. But, as happens every year, the magazine provides so little information about the candidates that it’s impossible to know their views on important issues facing the co-op. REC members will have to make their voting decision based on the limited information in the magazine or may choose to abstain.

We’re hoping to recruit reform-minded candidates to run in future elections so that REC members will have an opportunity to vote for candidates willing to express their views on issues facing the co-op. If you’re interested in running for the board, or know someone who’d be a good candidate, please let us know.

Mailed-in proxy forms must be received by REC by August 10th. Be sure to vote, even if only to abstain, to have a chance to win one of the prizes.

One more thing. Regardless of whom you choose to vote for, or whether you choose to abstain rather than vote for a candidate, you can protest REC’s un-transparent and anti-democratic policies by doing what we’re planning to do—write the words “democracy” and “transparency” on your signed proxy form before mailing it. (Be sure to write them in a way that doesn’t obscure important parts of the form. There’s ample white space next to where your name is printed on the proxy card just under the words “Return to be Entered to Win One of Six Prizes.”)

This will send a message to REC’s board that co-op members are tired of an election process that keeps members in the dark about board candidates’ positions on important issues.

If you have any questions or want to discuss how REC’s board manipulates the board election process to control the outcome, please write to us at

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