Rappahannock News covers our campaign

The Rappahannock News recently published an article providing an update on our campaign to bring transparency and democracy to the Rappahannock Electric Cooperative. The article describes the letter we received from a lawyer on behalf of REC’s board (which we wrote about here), and points out that we remain undeterred in our fight for meaningful reforms of our co-op:

Now, in response to the REC’s letter, Heald and Murphy tell the Rappahannock News: “As you can imagine, we were disappointed to see that [REC] responded so negatively to our recent attempt to bring some modest transparency and democracy reforms to our electric cooperative.

“When we asked REC’s board to allow us to gather petition signatures so we could submit proposed bylaw amendments with common-sense reforms to get our co-op to do what some other electric co-ops are already doing, we were met with complete resistance. Not only is REC’s board not in favor of our reforms, it claims absurdly that we somehow don’t even have a right to put them up for a vote by the co-op’s membership.”

Repower REC says it is undeterred in its mission: “The REC board’s action in trying to block our modest reform efforts makes us more determined than ever.”

You can read the full article at the Rappahannock News website.

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