Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star publishes Repower REC op-ed

The Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star published another op-ed from our members announcing our campaign launch. Here’s an excerpt:

The three of us are REC members who have varying views and come from different walks of life. We got to know each other out of our concerns over REC’s recent steps to limit democratic governance and block transparency.

Working with other concerned members, we’ve established the Repower REC campaign to bring back democratic control and transparency to our electric co-op.

This won’t be easy. We’re dealing with an entrenched REC board that is all too comfortable with its generous compensation and the lack of transparency that frustrates genuine member oversight of the board.

That’s why REC’s board has resisted even modest efforts to improve transparency.

It’s time for REC members to take back control of their cooperative. We invite you to visit our website at to learn about our campaign and join us as we work with our fellow REC member-owners to restore real democracy to our electric co-op.

Read the full op-ed at

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