Repower REC is a grassroots coalition of concerned rural electric cooperative (REC) member-owners working in partnership with Solar United Neighbors of Virginia, Appalachian Voices, and other grassroots and nonprofit organizations with a focus on energy democracy, energy resilience, and energy freedom for homeowners and rural communities. Learn more below, on the Repower REC blog, and on the Energy Democracy Y’all website.

Our purpose is simple: To promote more transparent and democratic Virginia Rural Electric Cooperatives (RECs) by helping our fellow member-owners reclaim their roles as owners of a democratically controlled enterprise, and to advocate for the fair and equitable treatment of distributed energy resources such as rooftop solar. Join us!

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Our last event was to launch our Virginia Electric Cooperative Scorecard in January 2022.  This scorecard is part of our campaign to pass legislation in Virginia to require electric co-ops to: have board meetings open to members, end unfair proxy voting, and provide transparency on lobbying done by the co-op.  This legislation was introduced, but did not pass in 2022. Learn more about the electric co-op legislation campaign.

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Join us

If you, as an REC member, believe that you should have a greater voice in our co-op, please join us. It’s time to reform REC to put members back in control of important decisions about board membership, electric rates, service reliability, and where our energy comes from. Join us today to make your voice heard!

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Repower REC is driven by concerned Rappahannock Electric Cooperative member-owners working to bring transparency and democracy back to their cooperative, and supported by a growing list of organizational partners including:

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If your organization or business would like to partner with Repower REC, please contact us via email at for more information.

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